Reasons to Choose Local Security Companies Over DIY

Save home and money concept 186331067We understand that times are tough, which affects nearly all the decisions you make with your money, especially whether or not it’s actually worth it for you to sign up with local security companies or find security elsewhere. You’re hard pressed for funds, but of course you want to protect your family, so you’re considering the DIY security options that are out there. This is not a unique situation; so many homeowners find themselves put up against the wire wondering what the real benefits are of getting that security system put in. The truth is there are a myriad of reasons why a good security company will out pace a DIY security system every time. Here are a few of the most salient reasons you want to choose a security company over DIY:


How many times have you put in a security system? Four times? Ten Times? Twenty? Oh, never…. Well your professional security technician has installed probably hundreds of security systems in your community. When you choose to subscribe to the services of a security company you’re going to see the experience in the speed they can install the pieces into your home. Experience goes a long way in making sure you get quality protection, experience and training. You of course wouldn’t have your wife perform your surgery, or your teenager do your taxes, why do you think your family’s protection is any less important to trust to a professional?


You’re going to say, “But I thought DIY systems were cheaper”, well sure they are! You just have to spend time to make sure you’ve done your homework and found the best devices out there. And then you need to organize your time to include the installation and if something goes wrong or you don’t understand it you’re probably going to need to bring in a professional anyway, just to make sure you get all the pieces installed and synced. Costs can be eaten up by faulty devices, faulty installation, and your time (which is worthy money). Hire a professional and you get a super fast installation PLUS you have someone to hold responsible until everything is sorted out. Additionally, wouldn’t you know it, the costs of security systems provided by professional companies can actually turn into savings that your home insurance company is going to reward you with because you took the time to prevent disaster in your home.


Closeup of a call center employee with headset at workplace 121198339Your home security system is more than just some plastic devices screwed onto the wall, especially if you have a wired system that is now connecting every zone of your home. Thing is, someone has to be prepared to pay attention to the things those devices notice and sort out when help should be sent. While there are home automation programs available, in the case of a real emergency you’d be better off trusting someone else to call for help so that you can make sure to save yourself, and your kids and fluffy.


That’s what you’re paying for isn’t it?! You want to know that your family is going to be safe. You want to know you have the best equipment installed with the best monitoring and the best insurance against trouble. You want to know someone has got your back and that help will be on the way and with a local security company you’re going to get it!

So trust a team of professionals to take care of your security better than you can on your own and enjoy the benefits.