Apartment Security Systems Are Possible!

82172836If you’re a renter you probably think you can’t find security to cover you, what with how inflexible many contracts are, but despair not, there are apartment security systems available to you today! Despite the many limitations placed upon tenants living in cities across the country, renters have just as much right as anyone to be protected from the threat of burglary! Especially since apartment renters face an 85% stronger likelihood of being robbed than homeowners do. If you weren’t allowed to protect yourself it would be criminal because you would be forced to simply hope you live in a safe enough place. For those who are living on tighter budgets or in dangerous areas sometimes it may seem like you can’t find a safe neighborhood to live in, but with a good security system in your home you can be protected and full of confidence!

Security Companies For Apartment Renters

Recognizing that nearly half of the American population rents some kind of living space in our cities many security companies have finally begun to rise to the task of providing renters with security. A good security system for a renter is going to have more restrictions than otherwise because of the necessary approval by a landlord and the unpredictable term of the contract. For this reason many security companies who have national coverage have created plans that actually allow renters to sign up for month to month contracts on wireless surveillance equipment. With a system like this installed in a non-permanent fashion in your apartment you will reap the benefits of professional monitoring with all the flexibility you need for your lifestyle.

Plan Ahead Security

Really quality security for apartment renters is going to be more than just a camera and some motion detection devices planted on the walls. Really quality security is a matter of maintenance, apartment selection, and security-minded decisions that create layers of protection.

The best thing that apartment dwellers could do to create the right foundation for their security situation is to take time to plan ahead before even signing up for an apartment. Start your quest for a new living area early, looking into neighborhood crime rates and of course expense brackets. Find a place that balances between your budget and as good a crime rate as you can manage.

1405589_66991568When looking at apartments visit during both the night time and the daytime to see what kind of security measures are in place for the protection of the residents. Is there a gated parking lot and gated common areas? Is there good lighting in the walkways and halls? Do apartments have solid core doors with no windows in them and quality deadbolts? Will the deadbolts be changed before you move in so that you get new keys on your door?

If these sorts of measures are taken and you like the place, start asking questions about security. See if the landlord or management will actually allow you to install a security system if you move in. If they will, fantastic! If they won’t there are still other measures you can take. If they won’t change the deadbolt for you will they allow you to change it yourself? (If not don’t bother going to that complex again). Can you get an apartment on the second or third floor, where burglars would be loathe to go?

With questions like these answered you can make a decision based upon your security comfort level. No matter where you go, get the locks changed, keep the windows locked at all times, and bring in wireless surveillance camera and a few simple motion detection devices. Your security company can help you hook it up through your phone as a control panel and you can enjoy 100% flexible security that will keep you safe and sound even in an apartment.