5 Mistakes Your Security Company Can’t Protect Against

Professional security system companies bring us a lot of great benefits and the real peace of mind that families and property are safe and secured against crime and thievery! 79166715While these are wonderful benefits the truth is there is one person that even security companies can’t protect you against, and that person is YOU! Sad, but true, your security company is completely at the mercy of your good (or bad) security habits. So while you spend time choosing the right security company and planning out the blueprint and security plan for your home, take time to reset your security mentality! There are so many things we do that are just habit, but they put us at severe risk for criminal activity and worse in our lives. Here is list of 5 mistakes your security company can’t protect you against!

1.     Publishing Vacations Online

Our world is seriously clogged with the mental comings and goings of virtual social lifers. Whether or not you live vicariously through your interactions with friends online DO NOT make the mistake of assuming that everyone who sees your posts feels chummy toward you. 89792373In the real world burglars also know how to use Facebook, and they can read your posts and actually find your home address far easier than you think. If you’re going on vacation do it privately! You can feel free to post all the pictures you want when you get home, but at least put some effort into protecting your home while you’re away.

2.     Leaving a Note On The Door

You probably grew up with your piano teacher leaving you a note on the door saying “come on in, I’ll be right there”, or your mom’s friend who watched you after school would leave the front door unlocked. Well, sad to say, THIS ISN’T SAFE ANY MORE! Leaving a note on the door is like leaving a welcome sign for burglars. If you’re going to leave your home to run an errand and you’re expecting someone TEXT them, use your technology and let them know the door is locked and you’ll be back! For heaven’s sake, they can stand on the porch for three minutes.

3.     Installing The Control Panel In Plain Sight

When you decide to install your control panel you probably did it in the most convenient place you could think of, and the neighborhood crook appreciates that, really they do! They don’t even have to strain to see if the system is armed and if the door is locked. Instead of giving your control panel a great view of the outside world, tuck it away in a hall or bedroom where it’ll be out of sight and protected from prying eyes.

4.     Hiding An Extra Key

Hiding a spare key is really great for the absent-minded folk of the world, but it’s not so great for those people who want a little security. Where did you choose to put your spare key? In the pot by the door? In the fake rock in the garden? Under the MAT?! Don’t, just don’t. These spots are so overly used these days a crook can find it like a hound sniffing out a trail. Instead of making this mistake choose not to use a spare key, or if you must hide it somewhere the burglar will never find, like inside your dog’s collar or at your next door neighbor’s house where they can hold on to it for you.

5.     Failing to Arm The Security System

Typing alarm code 187979771One of the biggest problems that home security owners bring upon themselves is failure to use the security system they do have. Whether you’re headed around the corner for a hair cut at the neighbors or you’re simply off walking the dog TURN ON YOUR SYSTEM! You can’t be protected by your security company if you never used the system intended to protect you.

Avoiding these five mistakes will empower you to really use your security system for the best protection possible, and that means you’ll know you’re getting what you’re paying for.